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​Upon starting Central Jersey gymnastics and cheerleading classes at Premier Gymnastics & Cheer Academy students enjoy a full curriculum of both group and private classes that includes everything that a student needs to grow as athletes. Their physical strength is the core of the system. Then the conditioning in our NJ cheerleading classes is reached as each level is reached. A test is administered for each stage of development and growth.

The mental and emotional growth is part of our system as well. This system allows them to grow in all ways as they become the best gymnast or cheer leader in their age group. Give them that special edge to grow and gain in their area. We help them achieve that. We pride ourselves in reaching special needs students as well. Everyone is welcome at Premier Gymnastics & Cheer Academy.

Another fun and exciting opportunity are our Summer Day Camps. Participants can learn new skills and further growth even more in their special area.

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NJ Cheerleading and Gymnastics Classes

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Why Gymnastics
Why gymnastics classes in NJ?
Gymnastics offers several benefits including:
  • A solid foundation that leads to a more well-rounded athlete, regardless of the sport
  • Strength – Gymnastics develops some of the strongest and most agile athletes in the world.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility provides a competitive edge and can help prevent injuries.
  • Form – With its concentration on form, gymnastics students learn concentration, attention to detail and self-discipline which are vital to several activities throughout life.
  • Spatial Awareness – This is an essential skill in all sports, including extreme sports. Understanding how your body moves and its relation to the environment is key to safety and preventing injury.