COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to finally be opening.  Its been a long couple of months and we want to thank everyone for sticking with us.  With opening in these new times comes a new way of operating.  Everything we were doing in the past no longer applies and we have developed a new set of procedures and standards that we as a whole will need to follow in order to ensure everyone’s safety.  Please take a minute to read through this thoroughly and completely.  

We will have zero tolerance for any illness. Gymnasts and their families must be symptom-free. Your gymnast must not have a runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea in order to be admitted into the building. While at Premier, if a gymnast develops any of the above symptoms, they will cover their nose and mouth with a mask, scarf or bandana and wait in the office until a parent/guardian is called and arrives to pick them up. 

Contact your doctor concerning flu-like symptoms to determine if your child should test for COVID-19. Symptoms for coronavirus are vast from “flu-like” to “gastrointestinal issues.” DO NOT SEND YOUR GYMNAST TO PRACTICE IF THEY OR ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY HAS FLU OR COVID-19 SYMPTOMS!

If your gymnast has any illness (confirmed by her doctor) other than COVID-19, she/he must be symptom-free and fever-free for 24 hours. Fever free means no fever for 24 hours while not using a fever reducer such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

If your gymnast has allergies or asthma, you will need to let us know on an event by event basis. If you have not informed us, we will assume they are ill and isolate them until we can contact you.  

If anyone living in your house tests positive for the COVID-19, your gymnast must wait at least 14 days and conform to the latest health department guidelines to start or resume practice. If your gymnast or any of your family has exposure to COVID-19, your gymnast must wait 14 days to return to practice, or show proof of a negative test result and then they can return without waiting the 14 days.  The same rules apply to coaches and staff.

If anyone has traveled within the past fourteen days, they will need to wait at least 14 days and conform to the latest health department guidelines before starting or resuming practice.

When made aware of a confirmed case of COVID-19

It is possible that we will need to randomly close during the summer for deep cleaning should a staff member, child, or parent either develops Covid-19 or is in close contact with someone that has a positive diagnosis.   If we have to shut down, it will be for as short a period as needed to deep clean the facility (possibly one day).  There will be no refunds or credits for the times we are closed.  Staying healthy means following all the rules, wearing our masks, and lots of cleaning and handwashing.  We will try to do our best to stay open and keep everyone healthy. 

Disinfecting of the Gym

We will disinfect the gym and commonly touched areas regularly using hospital grade cleaning supplies provided to us from Cintas.  A rotation has been established and each station will have its own dedicated mats that will stay at that station.  After each group is finished with their station, the coaches will spray and wipe down the area before moving to the next station. 

Safety Protocols:

  • Building capacity is capped at 30 gymnasts and 15 campers plus staff at any given time
  • All classes will be drop off only and no parents will be allowed to enter the gym.
  • Camp programs, Classes & Team practices will be separated at all times.  Camp area will be roped off and neither program will be allowed to interact with one another nor use eithers designated equipment.   
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the gym. All gymnasts are to use the sanitizer upon entering and exiting the gym as well as before starting an event and upon ending an event!
  • There will be only one entrance and one exit.
  • You must be on time to pick up and drop off your gymnast.
  • We ask that gymnasts use the bathroom at home prior to coming to the gym. Bathrooms at the gym will be available, but should be for emergency use only.  Only one gymnast allowed at a time in the bathrooms. 
  • Please have your gymnasts ready and dressed for practice so they can avoid changing at the gym.
  • Water fountains and vending machines are not available at this time.  Please bring your own water bottle and no sharing of water bottles is allowed. Please do not bring any food!
  • Coaches will ensure a minimum of six feet distance is maintained between gymnasts at all times. 
  • The temperature will be maintained in the gym at 78 degrees.  The fans in the air-conditioning units will be continuously running to keep the air recycling and as clean as possible.  The large ceiling fan will be off.   


  • Coaches and staff will wear masks at all times.
  • Gymnasts must wear a mask when entering and exiting the gym. 

Entering the gym:

  • Gymnasts will enter through the front door.  The doors will be propped open.
  • Please send your child to the gym with a mask to be worn only when entering and exiting the gym. They will not be required to wear the mask while practicing.
  • Parents may walk their gymnast to the door. No parents will be allowed in the waiting room.
  • Doors open 10 minutes prior to practice start.
  • Gymnasts will have their temperature taken by an instructor at the door.  If their temperature is above 100.4, they can’t not attend practice. 
  • From there, they will then sanitize their hands, wipe down their practice box with the supplied cleaners and then proceed to the floor where they will have a designated area to warm up.

Exiting the gym:

  •  At the end of practice, after sanitizing their hands, gymnasts will exit through the side door facing Steps to Success. 
  • Chalked X’s on the sidewalk will designate 6’ separation between gymnasts.