Are you an aspiring gymnast? Do you want to learn the fundamentals of the sport? Let Premier Gymnastics & Cheer Academy in Morganville, NJ help you reach your athletic goals. We offer gymnastics classes for a variety of different skill levels and age groups. 

Offering Gymnastics and Tumbling Lessons

When the tumbler and gymnast in your life needs a place to train, consider Premier Gymnastics Academy in Morganville, NJ. We offer basic and advanced gymnastics lessons. Specializing in toning and stretching classes, we help athletes get in shape for them to succeed in this sport. Our sports academy offers everything in gymnastics and tumbling for all ages. We help each student develop physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Improve Your Athletic Abilities!

Physical strength is the core of our gymnastics and tumbling programs. Additionally, mental and emotional growth is also a big part of our teaching system. This allows each student to grow in all ways as they become the best gymnast or tumbler in their age group. Each level of class is structured to test the student as they advance through their levels of growth, so you can be sure that we closely monitor the progress of each student.

Achieve Your Athletic Goals!

Enhance your athletic skills with gymnastics training from our academy. Register for our gymnastics classes today! For enrollment inquiries and concerns about class schedules, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are more than happy to accommodate you. 

Get in Touch With Our Trainers

Aside from enhancing bone strength, increasing muscle flexibility, and improving the overall health of you or your child, gymnastics is also helpful in developing mental focus. Enroll in our academy today and discover the other benefits that our gymnastics programs have to offer. Get in touch with our trainers by phone or email for your enrollment inquiries.

Why Take Gymnastics Classes?

Gymnastics Offers Several Benefits Including

  • A solid foundation that leads to a well-rounded athlete, regardless of the sport
  • Strength – Gymnastics develops some of the strongest and most agile athletes in the world.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility provides a competitive edge and can help prevent injuries
  • Form – With its focus on form, gymnastics helps students learn concentration, attention to detail, and self-discipline—skills which are vital to several activities throughout life.
  • Spatial Awareness – This is an essential skill in all sports, including extreme sports. Understanding how your body moves and its relation to the environment is key to safety and preventing injury.

View Our Class Schedule. Enroll Today!

Enroll in our sports training programs today. If you’re looking for a quick crash course on gymnastics and tumbling, we also offer summer day camps where participants can learn new skills and further grow in their sport of choice. To view the class schedules we have available, see the chart below or feel free to call our staff or visit our academy.

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***Please note that this doesn’t register your child in any of our classes.  Registration in a class can only be done by contacting the front desk.***